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March is Read Aloud Month and LPL encourages families to make reading aloud a regular part of your daily routine. Young children are born learning - and their parents and caretakers are their first teachers! When you share books with your child for 15 minutes each day your are building your child’s vocabulary, teaching them how books and language work and helping them associate books with positivity and love! So read with your child from birth through their elementary years (and beyond!). Reading aloud everyday is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child to learn.

LPL provides services BEYOND the library walls! We provide a range of outreach services from Lafayette Kids Ready to Read, which brings story time and library materials to early childhood care facilities around town, Homebound Delivery Service, and visits to Josephine Commons and other Lafayette neighborhoods.  Do you have an idea for library outreach? Contact our outreach librarian to share your ideas!

You too can get involved in creating this vibrant community that is LPL - support us through the Friends of the Library, and help us continue to offer the best programming we can.
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