Building Handouts, Checklists and Applications

Below are various applications, checklists, and building handouts that may you need for your building project.


  • Building Permit Application - Use the building permit application for all building projects except sign permits.
  • Contractor License Application - Use the contractor license application for all license types. This application is also used for renewing your license.
  • Lawful Presence Affidavit - This form must accompany all contractor license applications including if you are renewing your license.
  • Mobile Home Plot Plan - This form must accompany the building permit application for a mobile home setup.
  • Sign Permit Application - Use this form to apply for a sign permit or a temporary sign/banner permit.
  • Temporary Outdoor Sales, Storage, and Display of Merchandise Application - Use this form when applying for outside sales, storage or display of merchandise.
  • Utility Service Application - Use this form when applying for water and sewer application for new residential or commercial buildings.

Building Checklists

Building Handouts

  • Basement Finish - Use this handout as a guide when drawing up your basement finish plans.
    • Acabado De Basement - Acabado de Basement de Una Residencia Familiar
  • Deck and Porches - This handout covers requirements for uncovered decks and porches.
    • Patios Y Porches Descubiertos - Patios y Porches descubiertos de una Residencia Familiar
  • Enclosing Existing Patio Cover - Use this handout when you plan to enclose an existing patio cover.
  • Fence Handout - Fences and walls over 3 feet in height require a building permit. Refer to this handout for more fence permit requirements.
  • Garage (Detached) - Use this handout as a guide when drawing up your garage plans. Contact the building department at 303-665-5588 to verify setbacks, height restrictions, and lot coverage.
  • Old Town Design Resource Book - This booklet offers suggestions, ideas, and a design context for construction in Old Town Lafayette. Use this booklet when designing an addition or an accessory structure. The booklet is also available at: Community Development Department, City Hall, 1290 S. Public Rd.
  • Patio Covers and Carports - Use this handout when you are applying for a patio cover or carport.
  • Re-Roofing - See this handout for more information about reroofing your house.
    • Retejado - Retejado de Una Residencia Familiar
  • Residential Addition- Use this handout as a resource when planning your addition.
    • Adiccion - Adiccion a Una Residencia Familiar
  • Setback Information - Use the setback/dimensional standards table to determine your setbacks, height restrictions and lot coverage. Note that developments constructed since 1990 may have alternate setbacks. Please contact the Community Development Department (303-665-5588) to verify your setbacks.