2017 Electronics Recycling Collection Event

Recycle Responsibly and Protect Your Identity

A new Electronics Law took effect on July 1, 2013. Colorado residents are prohibited from placing certain electronic devices in their trash for disposal. More information on Senate Bill 12-133.

Due to this law, the Waste Reduction Advisory Committee (WRAC) and the Public Works Department of the City of Lafayette will be hosting an Electronics Recycling Collection Event.

Materials will be securely recycled by BlueStar Recyclers - a certified e-Stewards recycler. Over 95% of materials will be recycled for remanufacture. 

Event Details:

Open to all Colorado Residents:
Saturday, January 21, 2017
9:00 AM - 2 :00 PM
City of Lafayette Service Center:
1700 Avalon Avenue, Lafayette, CO 80026
Elec Recycling_336w.jpg

Recycling Fees:

Item Fee
CRT monitors and TV's $0.59/pound
General e-waste: keyboards, cords, mice, small appliances, etc. (not a computer or TV) $0.39/pound
Laptops, Cell phones, tablets, computer towers, servers (anything with a motherboard) no cost
Cash or credit cards only
For a list of accepted items or questions please call Blue Star Recycling at 303-534-1667.