Solar Photovoltaic Plan Review and Inspections

Plan Review

The City of Lafayette has committed to issuing permits within three (3) days.

The City of Lafayette has adopted the 2014 National Electric Code without amendments.

The Lafayette Fire Department has amended the International Fire Code to require the following:
  • Panels shall not be placed closer than 2’0” to the ridge of any roof.
  • Panels shall be placed no closer than 2’0” to the head wall at the top of any roof slope.
  • Panels shall be placed no closer than 18” from any valley or gable end.
  • Additional roof access may be required based on unique site conditions as determined by the Fire Department.
  • Direct current (DC) wiring, conduit, and raceways shall be located below the solar array or a minimum of 24” below the roof sheathing.

Solar PV Inspections

Solar PV inspections are available Monday through Friday from 3-5 p.m. To schedule an inspection, call the inspection request line, 303-604-3822, anytime before 7 a.m. the day of the inspection.

For most residential PV installations a final inspection is all that is required. This inspection will include both structural and electrical as needed.

Any questions concerning solar permits, inspections, or plan review should be directed to Ron Kauffman or 303-665-5588 x1264.