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Posted on: April 6, 2017

Response to Trauma

Emotional or physical response to a traumatic event or critical incident can be very strong.  Sometimes the emotional aftershocks appear immediately after the traumatic event.  Sometimes they may appear weeks or months later.  The signs and symptoms of a stress reaction may last a few days or much longer depending on the severity of the traumatic event.   Often, understanding and support from loved ones usually helps.  Occasionally, however professional assistance may be necessary.  This does not imply craziness or weakness.  It simply indicates that the trauma was just too powerful for the person to manage alone.    As we’ve spoke about last week, our community has resources through Colorado Crisis Services and Mental Health Partners for those facing an emotional crisis.   Mental Health Partners also offers an abundance of resources through their website to help identify signs and signals of a stress reaction and what family and friends can do to help.

Resources Available to People in Emotional Crisis
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