2015 Garden In A Box

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Garden In A Box offers a simple approach to learn about and plant water-wise gardens. Regardless of expertise, community members can save water and beautify their properties by purchasing a professionally designed perennial garden that uses Xeric (low water) plants, and includes a comprehensive Plant and Care Guide. When Xeric gardens replace existing turf, the water savings are especially significant, reducing water use by up to 50%.

Each garden features locally grown plants chosen for their Xeric properties, professionally designed plant by number layouts, and a Plant and Care Guide that makes you an instant planting pro.

How to Purchase:


  • Kits are sold below retail cost ranging from $99- $144
  • $69 for vegetable gardens
  • Lafayette residents get a $25 reduction off the full price of approved gardens. Limited quantities available
Space Requirements:
  • 70-100 sq. ft. of space, depending on design used
  • 15-28 perennial plants, depending on design used
  • Vegetable Garden use less water too, yield tasty produce!

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